Friday, April 5, 2013

An introduction and Daddy's rules

Hello. :) I'm Babygirl. You can call me Lolita, if you'd like. My Masters name is Sir or Daddy. He's my Daddy, I love him very much. But enough of that, heh. Just in case some people don't understand, i'm sorry and let me clarify; he's not my real Daddy. It's just pet names we give each other. No, I wasn't hurt as a child, it's just one of my kinks. I think he likes it too heh ^_^ I do somewhat seem childlike, however. I whine on occasion, which will always be rewarded with a slap or spanking..

My Master and I are into bdsm. Mostly all aspects. Spanking, choking, anal, flogging, ect. I was a virgin till a few months ago, so I'm pretty new to this whole thing and I thought I'd blog about. It'll probably be full of my misadventures, punishments and rewards. ^_^ Oh and most likely mind vomit. 

Master has quite a few rules and I try to follow them, however sometimes I get bratty and I get punished. :( Which is what I need, I'm really good at saying 'no' and not doing what he asks me >_> Quite lacking in the obedience department. Heh

                                                       Daddy's rules and punishments;

1. I must never think or speak badly about myself. My body and mind belong to Daddy and speaking negativity about myself is speaking badly about what Daddy loves. 

2. I must always take care of my body because it belongs to Daddy

3. I may not masturbate unless Daddy gives permission 

4. I may not play/stroke Daddy unless he gives me permission

5. Daddy's word is final 

6. It's my responsibility to do everything I can to ensure my Daddy can relax when he wants and stop demanding attention

7. Daddy will order for me at restaurants

8. I will not keep anything from my Daddy

9.  Daddy may at any time take privileges away from me such as internet, access to my favorite movies/shows or electronics

10. My body now belong to Daddy and he may have a say in how I dress 

11. I may never, ever play with other men. If I do I will lose my Daddy

12. If Daddy wants to fuck another woman he is within his rights to do so and I may not complain...:( 

13 Daddy may change these rules at any time and he will punish me however he sees fit

14. I must never take off or leave the house without my collar because it shows that I belong to him

15. When talking to men online or off of it I must always conduct myself like a lady. I may never cyber with them or exchange pictures unless my Daddy says otherwise.

All my punishments if I fail to follow any of my Daddy's rules are spankings, sleeping on the floor, loss of my sweets (lolipops, gum, jolly ranchers, ect) losing my DS, Netflix, computer, standing in the corner, losing privileges to touch and play with my Daddy, Washing dishes, doing laundry or vacuuming with a dildo in my ass. 


  1. I think this blog is a fantastic idea. If your Daddy gives you permission, I would like to talk with you on kik.

  2. I think this blog is a fantastic idea. If your Daddy gives you permission, I would like to talk with you on kik.

  3. WTF!!!! These are my rules...WORD FOR FUCKING WORD!!! Don't feel special he gave you these because he stole them from me!!

  4. Kinda shitty if he thinks its ok to play with other girls what an awful daddy

  5. So your bf can cheat on you and you have to be okay with that?! That's sick.

  6. Im sorry but that's not fair that he can cheat but you can't...

  7. I dont think itd right for a daddy to just cheat he has you for a reason

  8. This was helpful im getting into ddlg but I've been struggling to come up with rules for my babygirl so thank you